CoCreate A Greater World

In our resource lush world of abundance and real-time connection, solutions to humanity's greatest issues and innovations can be crowdsourced.



Can solutions to humanity’s most pressing issues be crowdsourced through the cooperative exchange of resources such as skills, connections, goods, assets, capital, ideas, and tools? In this age of access and abundance everything is possible. We are co-creating a collective that wants to simplify and gameify giving.

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When we feel good inside, the whole world is a better place. We tend to make better decisions, seek higher, and we communicate and move through life with greater ease. With this intention, our digital program helps guide people through healing and empowerment to inspire a life led more fully and powerfully.

Through packaged wisdom, insight and exercises, Going In guides individuals to clear through their conditioning and limits to reconnect with the tools and talk that inspire them to step more fully into their power. The all-inclusive, simplistic course flow reaches people on all levels of life, and helps bring empowerment and expansion to your fingertips.

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Our giving facilitation program connects individuals, companies, funds, groups, and organizations with more ways to give a diversity of resources. After assessing assets, we help match them to a range of organizations aligned with the giver’s interests.

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