Our Giving Concierge service connects individuals, companies, funds, groups, and organizations with more ways to give a diversity of resources, such as:

Physical Goods




Real Estate/Land


Service Credits

Expand Your Reach

While we can happily help facilitate gives to bigger and more popular institutions, we also introduce and connect you to a wider range of missions, initiatives, projects and organizations that are doing great work towards the causes and issues you feel passionate about helping.  

Highlight Your Give

To amplify your action, we can help create unique marketing campaigns that share the story and impact around your give. This may include:

Press/Media Placement

Storytelling + Creative Content

Social Media Campaigns

Brand Communications

Co-Branded or Influencer Partnerships

Interested in diversifying your giving? Let us assess the spectrum of your philanthropic assets, and help you make a greater impact. Fill out the form below to start the conversation.

Who is Giving?