Going In Course

Going In Course

from 55.00

Going in launches soon, but you can get a jump-start now. Pre-register to receive warmup exercises, content and resources to help loosen things up. To begin, choose a course exchange rate that best fits your lifestyle or accountable investment.



Going In, CoCre’s holistic-natured online course, takes you on a gentle journey that dives deep into your story, agreements and patterns to release limiting beliefs and conditions, while supporting you to re-emerge as your happiest, healthiest, most authentic self. Includes online course, guided audios, over 100 powerful exercises and extensive resource guides.

We offer a pay-what-you-wish system based on your lifestyle and your accountable investment. Often, the more serious the financial investment, the more serious the commitment to the product. It is up to you.

The $555 level gives three scholarship courses to those in need, and $5555 gives ten. The $5555 level also gives you the option of two personalized phone calls with course creators.

Your course will be available to you in February, and soon you will begin receiving emails to help get you into the flow. We appreciate your early support, and look forward to sharing the journey!