Our mission is to inspire greater internal and external conditions through programs, content, community organization, and creative initiatives.

To serve internal conditions, we offer Going In, a digital workbook that takes individuals on a holistic and comprehensive gentle journey of healing and empowerment, working into conditioning, agreements and patterns to release limiting and hindering beliefs. The flow journeys through thought and change provoking insights, while supporting one to live more fully and powerfully in their happiest, healthiest, most authentic and radiant being.

When we all feel good within, we make better decisions, attract better circumstances and live more harmoniously together. Thus, the world naturally becomes a greater place. It all starts within. Going In’s goal is to make awakening, healing and empowerment as easy and accessible as possible. Explore Going In here.

To serve external conditions, we believe that harnessing the power of collective action backed by technology and driven by media can do wonders for the world. We are creating a platform where social solutions and innovations an be formed from creative resource exchange. Using the power of storytelling and inspired action, we seek to simplify and gameify giving. Learn more here.

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